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Fast Flickr Widget

Este plugin permite que você adicione facilmente um Widget que exiba suas fotos do Flickr no seu WordPress.

- Definição de um titulo para o Widget
- Definição do usuário do flickr que será utilizado
- Tamanho das imagens exibidas
- Filtro por tags
- Aleatorio
- Aleatorio por TAGS
- Thickbox

Compatibilidade: 3.5.1

- Arrumando bug com a nova api do Flickr

Download: Fast Flickr Widget


  1. Jomar Coelho Jomar Coelho

    Esse plugin mostra a foto de todo mundo. Nao so minha. Ficou uma bagunça.
    Mesmo eu colocando meu nome, ou so id, ou so link...

  2. Eu estou usando ele aqui na direita e não tive problemas. Talvez você tenha encontrado algum tipo de bug que eu ficaria feliz em ajudar a resolver, mas com esse tom e essa quantidade de informações fica dificil.


  3. what do these messages mean?

    Notice: Undefined variable: out in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 291

    Notice: Undefined variable: randomTagText in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 293

  4. It is an PHP error. That is strange, some missing configuration on wp-admin of plugin maybe? Or a incompatibility issue with your wp version.

    I will check this when I have some free time.

  5. Not working with the latest version of wordpress 3.5.1

  6. I will need to check it. I didn't had the time to update my wordpress yet and fix the plugins.


  7. Hi,
    first off: great widget! I really enjoy it. However, when I came to my website today I discovered that instead of the images the widget only displays narrow bars. First I thought it was me but it looks the same in the installment on your site. I also checked both Chrome and Internet Explorer to see whether it was a browser issue. Any thoughts?

    Thank you! Much appreciated!

    Kind regards,

  8. We are having the same issue as Carola on two of our blogs. We've temporarily hidden them from our sidebars, but I'm wondering if it's something that's changed in Flickr's API? We hadn't made any updates or changes other than new blog posts so I'm not sure what's caused the plugin to break.

    Thanks for any help!

  9. Yes, I saw this behavior, probably flickr updated their api. I will need sometime to check it. I will keep you guys update

  10. I found a solution.

    1. Go to line 255
    2. Change '$flickrformat = "php";' to '$flickrformat = "php_serial";'
    3. Change line 268 to '$photos = unserialize(file_get_contents($url));'
    4. Remove line 267

  11. Raymond Lopez,

    Just upgrade my wordpress version and it works. Anyway, I'm releasing a new version now to fix plugin to work with new Flickr API.

    Let me know if you still have problems

  12. Thank you for the quick reaction! All working smoothly again...

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