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Mudando a posição dos Botões do Menu no Ubuntu 11.10


Continuando a deixar o Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) como eu quero. Vamos a mudança na posição dos botões de menu (minimizar, maximizar e fechar.)

Abra seu terminal.
$ sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

Execute o gconf-editor
$ sudo gconf-editor

Procure por apps/metacity/general/
Encontre button_layout e modifique o valor para:


Salve, deslogue, logue e pronto!


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  1. Neil Neil

    gconf editor doesn't work

    It should be gconf-editor

  2. Watchful_eye Watchful_eye

    I got the buttons on the right side since 10.04 (and the values are still edited in the way you put it here), but since 11.10 my buttons are only on the right side when they are in the window format.

    After maximizing a window, they are on the left again. Do you know how to change this? Thank you 🙂

  3. Vivek Vivek

    Same here, any update for that ?

  4. I don't know yet... 🙁 but I will keep looking for a solution. I think this was a problem on 11.04 too. Am I wrong?

  5. Not working at all. 🙁
    It used to work in 11.04 and before, but no longer for 11.10. Another regression?

  6. Wayne Wayne

    You need to "sudo gconf-editor", otherwise the configuration can't be edited.

  7. Willie Shen Willie Shen

    is there a way to put the menu buttons back to the left

  8. Yes, you can use the same process but just use the older option on apps/metacity/general/
    I think it is:
    I don't remember for sure but it is something like this.

  9. eduardo eduardo

    não consegui,diz que não foi possivel encontrar o pacote gconf-editor, alguem pode me ajudar ?

  10. Pedro Pedro

    I was able to change the buttons to the right side BUT it only works when the window is not Maximized...when i change the window to maximize the buttons go back to the left again 🙁
    any ideas to solve this?

  11. ruwan ruwan

    No doesn't work on works up to 11.04....

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