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Ubuntu 9.04, bootChart.


I decided to stay in computer a little more, and have a test with this fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.04. Some people say that the boot would be faster in this new version, so I decided to verify this. I remember in my last instalation (Ubuntu 8.10) with fresh install I got 31 seconds on boot, after some modifications it reduces to 21 seconds. In this version, as promised the boot time decreased. I got 26 seconds. When I have some time i'm going to try to do some optimizations and decrease it more.

To verify the time I used Bootchart. You can get it using:

$ sudo apt-get install bootchart

Or you can go to menu "System -> Administradion -> Synaptic Package Manager" and search for it.

BootChart Image, BootChart logs.

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