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Hello guys,

A few days ago I started working with Git Hub and uploading my recent projects to it.

Right now, I'm working hardly on my RF24SH Protocol which is a Protocol to NRF24L01+ (wifi module) that aims to create a network of nodes. The difference from Maniacbug RF24Network library is you don't have to distribute Channels/ID/Parents by yourself. There is a Protocol when a new node connects to the network it will communicate and discover who he can talk to, and after that this new node will ask for configuration to master station, and master station will pass a set of configurations to id, distributing Channels/ID/Parents. So it is easier to beginners to use it and maybe it is easier to put this in some kind of product that you want to sell. (If you do this, it will be nice to hear from you).

There is a lot of work to be done on Protocol, but the library already has working examples. The RF24SH Page provides more information, if you still have questions, please let me know.

Other project that I'm working on is Pocket ImAT - Pocket Image Analysis Tools, which is a Program that (for now) provides you ways to measure image objects. For example, if you're working with microscopes images, and have a lot of objects on your image with a scale, you can define a scale and draw lines inside objects and the program can save this for you. This project begin when a friend told me that he needed this program, because the one that they are using in his lab was too old and outdated.

But going back to Git Hub... Matheus (X-warrior) Bratfisch Git Hub

If you have any question, suggestion or anything, drop me a line.
Best Regards,

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  1. Carlaine Carlaine

    Bom trabalho com o nrf24. Estou querendo implementar uma rede baseada em arduino (nano o Uno) e raspberry e esta biblioteca veio como uma luva. Nao tenho muita initimidade com os codigos e compilacao dos mesmos, caso necessite de apoio, posso entrar em contato novamente?

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