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In this page you will find links to codes/programs/plugins/others that I created or changed, maybe I will launch new versions of it. Creating a log of it and letting everybody to use it, change it, comment it or something else.

Chromium - Issue 176711
- Fix for Serial API bug that fails to set the baudrate/bitrate on Serial API on Linux.

- Some translations that I contribute.

RF24SH - Smart Home
- Biblioteca que fornece um protocolo para NRF24L01+ com distribuição automatica de ID, Canais, etc.

X-warrior Git Hub
- Mine Git Hub, you can found the latest development version of what I'm doing over there.

Pocket ImAT
- Program with a set of features to help you analyzing images

Complete Facebook
- WordPress plugin to integrate your WordPress and Facebook.

Fast Flickr Widget
- A plugin to add WordPress Widget to show your Flickr Photos on your sidebar.

GEdit Tab Switcher and Closer - Plugin
- Plugin that let you change your tab with CTRL + TAB and other functions.

Google Analytics YOURLS Plugin
- Plugin for YOURLs that automatically add tracking code to yours html pages.

Multi-User YOURLS Plugin
- Plugin for YOURLs to allow create more than one user.

Simple Download Monitor (Mod) - WordPress plugin
- Plugin for wordpress to show how many times a file has been downloaded (it is a mod)

MD5 Decrypter
- A JAVA program to "break" Md5 using brute force, using distributed computing.

- Little URL – A program to create Shortned URLs.

Encrypt Messages (Plugin for Emesene)
- A plugin to encode / decode your conversations.

Twitter Sync (Plugin for Emesene)
- A plugin to update your twitter status with your emesene status.

FunText (Plugin for Emesene)
- A plugin to make jokes with your text.


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