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GEdit Tab Switcher and Closer – Plugin

I was tired to use different shortcuts on each program, so I decided to create a Plugin for GEdit to have the shortcuts that I'm used to

The shortcuts that I included:
CTRL + TAB = Change Tab
CTRL + SHIFT + TAB = Change Tab (Backwards)
CTRL + T = New Tab
CTRL + F4 = Close tab

So to have CTRL + TAB on your GEdit 2 and this others shortcuts you need to include this plugin to this path if you want to have this for all users:


If you want to have it just for your user paste the plugin on:


And if you use GEdit 3 the path to all users is:


And just for your user:


To enable GEdit - Tab Switcher and Closer, check the checkbox on:

Edit - Preferences - Plugins - GEdit Tab Switcher and Closer

Download GEdit2 - Tab Switcher and Closer
Download GEdit3 - Tab Switcher and Closer


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