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Damn Small Linux, VirtualBox 2.2, Java


A week ago I was thinking about banks autentications, here in Brazil, you have to register your computer to get access to the bank site with your computer. Do this every time you format your hard disk is sux, so i thought, why don't use a virtual machine with a Damn Small linux and use it to access? It's a good idea.

I created my virtual machine with virtualbox and downloaded the last version of Damn Small Linux. I started the virtualmachine and i saw it was running from cd. Searching around the internet i discovered it is dedicated to live-cd but you can install it if you want to. In portuguese version I translated this article about how to install damn small linux but in english i don't have to.

So this is just a tip, if you have to register your computer to do some things, why don't you install a Damn small linux and use it for this? Other advantage is that you can take it with you, and linux don't have virus so you don't have to worry about this kind of security

If you want to install Java to firefox follow this article.

If your mouse don't work use "" and choose a mouse that isn't USB. It works for me, now i have my USB mouse working. (I think it's something about Virtualmachin)


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