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Install Windows 7 in a VirtualBox


Today in class one of my teachers was using Windows 7 as your "main" operational system. He said "Windows 7 never crashed". So i decided to try it too in VirtualBox.

You have to access Microsoft Windows 7 page. Download the version you want to use. You will have to fill a form and then you will receibe a mail confirmation. When you confirm it you will be able to access a page with the link location and your cd-key.

Open your Virtual box go to "New", choose a name. Change the options to Windows, version Windows 7 (32/64). Create, set the memory size. Create a new Virtual HardDisk. (I used 15GB). Start it, choose the image file and start the installation.

(Installation is so easy, i will not comment it here.)


PS: I know I haven't published regularly in the last days, but I'm sick (flu) and I'm testing some stuff that take a lot of time like IPV6.

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  1. Daniel Damasceno Daniel Damasceno

    Você teve problema quanto ao som do windows 7 no virtualbox?

  2. Daniel Damasceno,
    Que eu me lembre não, mas vou tentar testar assim que possivel e publico qualquer problema aqui.

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