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URL Shortener using Auto-Increment field.

Good Night,

This is a new version of URL-Shortener that don't create random IDs to websites, it uses the auto-increment field and replace it to other base.

It was necessary to create two new methods
[code lang="php"]
function convertDecimalTo($decimal,$newBase,$str,$letters) {
if ($decimal >= $newBase) {
$x = $decimal % $newBase;
$y = $decimal / $newBase;
$str = $letters{$x} . $str;
if ($y < $newBase) { $str = $letters{$y} . $str; } return convertDecimalTo($y,$newBase,$str,$letters); } else { if (strlen($str) == 0) { $str = $letters{$decimal} . $str; } return $str; } } function convertBaseToDecimal($value,$newBase,$letters) { $sum = 0; $len = strlen($value); $end = $len-1; for ($x=$end;$x>=0;$x--) {
$sum = $sum + strpos($letters,$value{$x}) * pow($newBase,($end - $x));
return $sum;

You can download the full new version to PHP4
URL Shortener (LURL) using auto increment field to generate the "TAG"

Hope you enjoy,

Chart to your URL Shortener with Statistics. PHP4

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