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Installing Windows 8 Preview on VirtualBox

Good Morning,

A few weeks ago Microsoft released a new version of Windows, the Windows 8 Customer Preview. Probably you are curious to see what is new on Windows 8, many sites are saying that this new Windows is a system that will run on tablets, smartphones and computers.

First of all, download your ISO file on:

Windows 8 Customer Preview - 64 Bits (English)

Windows 8 Customer Preview - 32 Bits (English)

Windows 8 - Customer Preview other versions

After download it, you can install it normally on VirtualBox, I used 20gb for hard disk, 2gb ram and 128mb for video. But checking the VDI size, I got 5gb, so probably you can install it with 10gb for hard disk.

A few websites as ExtremeTech refers to some specific configuration to run Windows 8, on my installation, I just used VirtualBox default settings and it works, but if you have any problem during the installation, try to use them.

1 - System - Motherboard - Enable IO APIC
2 - System - Motherboard - CHIPSet ICH9
3 - System - Processors - PAE/NX
4 - System - Acceleration - Enable VT-x/AMD-V
5 - System - Acelleration - Enable Nested Paging
6 - Display - Video - Memory 128
7 - Display - Video - Enable 3D
8 - Display - Video - Enable 2D

Now install it normally and enjoy your new Windows 8

Best regards,

PS:If you have problems to use the internet try this Internet on Windows 8 Customer Preview using VirtualBox

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