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Add photo to key PGP/GPG using GnuPG

Good Night,

To add your picture to your PGP key using GnuPG on Linux use:

List the certificates:

gpg --list-keys

Find your and yours certificate will start with:


Use this command to edit your key:

gpg --edit-key XXXXXXXX

Add your picture using:


You must use a JPG photo. The recommended size is something near 240x288. If you use big images, your certificate will be HUGE.

Add the path to your photo:


The system will ask for confirmation, double check it. And press Y if it is correct.
Type your password when the system ask for it.

Save the modifications


Send your key to a key server.

gpg --keyserver --send-keys XXXXXXXX

That is it.

Best Regards,

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