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So, sharing informations…

In this first post I’m going to introduce myself a little better. My name is Matheus Bratfisch, 19, I’m student of 3rd semester of Computer Sience in UFSC (Federal University of Santa Catarina) and actually I’m working in Edugraf – Educacional Software Lab. The subjects i already course:

    1st semester:

  • Circuits and Digital techniques. (EEL5105)
  • Introduce to Computer Sience. (INE5401)
  • OOP 1 (INE5402)
  • Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics for Computing (INE5403)
  • Calculus A. (MTM5161)
    2nd semester:

  • OOP II. (INE5404)
  • Probability and Statistics. (INE5405)
  • Digital Systems. (INE5406)
  • Science, Tecnology e Society. (INE5407)
  • Analytic Geometry. (MTM5512)
  • Calculus B for Computation. (MTM7174)
    3rd semester (studying):

  • Data Structures. (INE5408)
  • Concurrent programming. (INE5410)
  • Computer organization. (INE5411)
  • Linear Algebra. (MTM5245)

I intend to share some knowledge and to provide here some knowledge that I learned in those classes, projects and reports about them, knowledge gained in Edugraf and any other relevant information.


(Sorry about some translations, when I don't have time I use automatic translation).

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