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Telis, learning how to program

Today I will introduce you a programming language that the professor Fernando (Melga) uses in his class.

Telis is a programming language like many others, but it has its advantages for beginners, most of your commands are write in Portuguese (don't know if it have an english version), and the word means what happens (like draw means draw). It includes a simple graphic support , easy to use, letting the learning process more interesting. With it, it is possible public in internet your programs, the Edugraf, that develop this language provides a space in their server, in the programming environment you can upload it, just with some clicks. They provide a mail list where you can ask for help;

Some usefull links:
An example that I devolop
Language web page
Published programms
Mail list

And remember, Telis is free software. Use it, modify it, share it.

See you,

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