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Queue, Data Structure

Good Night,

What is Queue? Queue is a data structure used a lot in computers, and it is based on the principle FIFO (First in, first out). It has 2 basic functions, enqueue and denqueue. What is First in, First out? It says that the first element that enter in the data structure is the first to be removed.

The professor told us to solve this:

* Implement all operations about Queue.
* Implement a program that use your Queue. The program must have a menu with: enqueue, dequeue, clean, show queue, exit. Use switch.
* The queue must have max size of 100. As a constant named MAXFILA
* The queue is referenced by a global reference.
* To define it use a type elementoDaFila that will be char[40] and define your queue as a vector of 100 elementoDaFila.

Queue implementation.


PS: I start translating “all” old posts. Maybe this old ones, don’t have all stuffs translated (like attachments in this one)

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