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List, Data Structure

Good afternoon,

Like I said before I'm having Data Structure class. And today I will introduce you the List concept. A linear data structure. There is similar data structures like linked list, double linked list. The stack and the queue are special implementations of lists. The list can receive elements in any position, remove elements from any position, remove a specified element, add in order and others.

The professor told us to solve this:

1. Create the data type tLista in a headerfile
2. This list must be a list of elements of tAgenda
3. The type tAgenda is a type that represents a name (30 chars) and a telephone number
4. Create a function maior(a,b) that compare the name of 2 entries
5. Implement all the functions
6. Create a program that have a menu to use all functions and the specified search must use the name.
7. The program should be able to show the list in alphabetic order

List implementation.


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