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Quick Flickr Widget, WordPress.


I found this interesting plugin for wordpress Quick-flickr-widget. A widget to show pics from Flickr in your blog. You can configure it in many ways, to get the last pic, to use tags, to get random pics. But this last one I didn`t like, this option use a feed with your last updates. So I have an idea to improve this, to get all tags, and select random tags and use this tags to select pics. It uses to random system, so it is better.

I implemented this in Quick Flickr Widget creating the interface and the new functions. I contacted the author of this plugin to see if he have interest to put this in his. If he don`t want to, you can take it from here. Quick flickr widget with random tags

See you,

PS: I used the version as I did this improvements in two steps that is way .2. The original version is 2.7.2 and .2 from this new implementation. Probably if the author use this it will be a different version.

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  1. Tem como randomizar as fotos de um grupo ?

  2. Sim, escolha a opção Random pick e no Filter by tags. Ele irá exibir somente as fotos possuem essas tags, porém acredito que o sistema de gerar a tag random e sortear as fotos funciona melhor. Caso você queira mais informações sobre a api do flickr você pode obter em:

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