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Complete Facebook – WordPress Plugin

Complete Facebook is a plugin to WordPress that let you integrate facebook and your WordPress. It has been released today. Enjoy it. Features: - Button…

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Fast Flickr Widget – 1.3

On July, 2009 I modified the Plugin Quick Flickr Widget. My modifications add the feature to get random photos via TAGS. Creating a better random…

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Modify Subscription style of Jetpack

I just started to use the Subscription feature from Jetpack. I was checking how it looks like and I noticed that the checkbox and the…

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Simple Download Monitor (mod) – Version 0.21.2

Hello, Recently I did some modifications to Simple Download Monitor. This modifications aloud the system to show a page "Your download will begin shortly" and…

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Quick Flickr Widget, WordPress.

Hello, I found this interesting plugin for wordpress Quick-flickr-widget. A widget to show pics from Flickr in your blog. You can configure it in many…

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