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Complete Facebook – WordPress Plugin

Complete Facebook is a plugin to WordPress that let you integrate facebook and your WordPress. It has been released today. Enjoy it.

- Button Like with configuration to enable/disable for each post or for one type posts/pages
- Button Send with configuration to enable/disable for each post or for one type posts/pages
- Comments with configuration to enable/disable for each publication or for one type posts/pages
- Widget for your sidebar
- Notification via e-mail with configuration options to enable/disable for like/comment

Complete Facebook

Any problems or suggestion, send me a message

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  1. Douglas Domiciano Douglas Domiciano

    Cara... Tudo bom? Estou na busca de receber notificações dos comentários do face no site...Não sei se estou usando o plugin certo, mas ainda não consigo receber as notificações por email...

    Está assim, minha configuração:

    [X] Enable Comment Notification
    [ ]Enable Like Notification

    Send notification to: [email protected]
    Send notification from: [email protected]

  2. Voce esta usando servidor proprio? Verifique se voce consegue enviar emails com a funcao mail do PHP.

    Lembrando que a caixa de comentarios deve ser do plugin tbm. Se for de outro, acho que n vai funcionar.

  3. super sprawa, naprawdę wyśmienicie

  4. borisa borisa

    Hello ,
    I am Borisa Djuraskovic and I am working for Web Hosting Hub. I red your Complete Facebook plugin at and found that very interesting to be translated to Serbo-Croatian. Let me know if you are Ok with that.
    Thank you very much.
    Borisa Djuraskovic

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