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Month: Tuesday September 21st, 2010

An example of use of CORBA


CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) is a standart defined by OMG (Object Management Group), this let distributed object from different languages and OS to communicate. It also provides total transparency in the communication. The IDL (Interface Definition Language) is the tecnology used to describe the interfaces. IDL has your own data types, that are mapped to the data types in other languages. There is an IDL compiler, it generates the codes that do the communication.

But how it works? We have some definitions in a .idl file, in this case Bank-idl (remember to change the filename).

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Java RMI – Intro and Example

Good Night,

Java RMI (Remote Method Invocation), is a mechanism that let the user, create distributed applications using Java. It takes care of Sockets, protocols and others. But how it works? All the magic is done by RMI. It have a server named RMIREGISTRY, where your server connect and says "I'm here". After this Clients can connect to RMIREGISTRY and find the server that it wants.

I will show you an example of a Car Advertisement server, where Clients can add and search for Vehicle.

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MD5 Decrypter – Version 0.5

Hello, A few days ago I published the new version of MD5 Decrypter. But what is this program? I had this idea, when I was…

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