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MD5 Decrypter – Version 0.5


A few days ago I published the new version of MD5 Decrypter. But what is this program? I had this idea, when I was studding Parallel Comp. I had to do a project, anything that I want, that uses parallel programming. I always like this kind of stuff, security, cryptography, brute force... Than I decided to do a program to "break" md5 using brute force. What I can do with it? You can send a MD5 String and try to find some key that generates this hash.

So what is the change-log in this version?
- There is a lot of changes, the implementation was made almost from scratch.
- The sockets now uses a XML standard so the master can communicate with other slave platforms. (such as python)
- Slave still send strings to console
- The master and Slave don’t need more graphic interface.
- Slaves has a thread that just listen, so when the string is find by other Slave, master can stop them.
- There is a system to verify if a Slave is still connected (ping/pong)
—– When the slave don’t answer the Master disconnect it and send his string to other Slave when asked.

More details about MD5 Decrypter

I hope this can be useful,

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