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Law that wants to “prevent” the piracy on internet blocking websites.

Good Night,

One more time the goverment are trying to "prevent" piracy on the internet blocking sites. The new Law Project PL 3336/2012 created by Walter Feldman wants the Registro.BR to have a system where anybody can denounces a website that goes against the law, the Registro.BR will be responsable to check the denounces and if they are true, it will notificate brazilian internet providers to block the website.

More specificall, Registro.BR will be responsable to receive denounces and check if it is true, with that, will notificate internet providers to block access to this websites, the internets providers have 5 days to block the access otherwise will get a fine. If it is a Brazilian website it can be closed.

Ads websites and search engines as Google will be affected, Registro.BR will notify them too and they will need to remove the links to this "against the law" websites.

The internet providers sometimes will need to show a webpage saying that the website that you're trying to access is blocked because it is agains this law.

Analyzing one of the sites you can think it is a noble think, but as always, laws like this one open a space to "censorship" on the internet. And sometimes websites that provide legal and illegal content (the user put the content online so...) will have their access blocked! Tereby limiting the content on the web.

The internet born free and must be free. Is this the Brazilian SOPA?


PS: I'm not a law expert so maybe I missunderstand the law. But I don´t think so.


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