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Courses of my Graduation


EEL5105 - Circuits and Digital Techniques

INE5401 - Introduction to Computation
INE5402 - Object Oriented Programming I
INE5403 - Fundamentals of Discrete Math to Computer Science
MTM5161 - Calculus A

INE5404 - Object Oriented Programming II
INE5405 - Probability and Statistics
INE5406 - Digital Systems
INE5407 - Science, Technology and Society
MTM5512 - Analytic Geometry
MTM7174 - Calculus B to Computer Science

INE5408 - Data Structures
INE5409 - Numeric Calculus to Computer Science
INE5410 - Concurrent Programming
INE5411 - Computer Organization I
MTM5245 - Linear Algebra

INE5412 - OS I
INE5413 - Graphs
INE5414 - Computer Network I
INE5415 - Theory of Computation
INE5416 - Programming Paradigms
INE5417 - Software Eng. I

INE5418 - Distributed Computing
INE5419 - Software Eng. II
INE5420 - Computer Graphics
INE5421 - Formal Languages and Compilers
INE5422 - Computer Network II
INE5423 - Data Base I

INE5424 - OS II
INE5425 - Modeling and Simulation
INE5426 - Compiler Construction
INE5427 - Planning and Project Management
INE5428 - Computers and Society
INE5453 - Introduction to the End of Course Work

INE5429 - Computer Security
INe5430 - Artificial Intelligence
INE5431 - Multimedia Systems
INE5423 - Data Base II

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