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MD5 Decrypter – Version 0.2

MD5 Decrypter - A Java program to break md5 using brute force, using distributed computing.

MD5-Decrypter-v0.2 - Source Code

Changelog version 0.2:
- Variable number of Slaves.
- Now it is possible to Slaves connect when the process already started.

- Java

How to execute:
$ java -jar Master.jar
$ java -jar Slave.jar

Next Functionalities:
- Let user specify if show the messages in the console or not.
- Create a Thread that makes a search in the web in Rainbow tables.

- There is a lot of strings being showed in console, this messages are all the strings that slave tested. But it is interesting to know if the slave is alive. Some messages used in the first version are still displayed.

PS: If you find any bug, please e-mail me. If you improve something, e-mail me too.

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