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Multi-User YOURLS Plugin – Version 1.0 beta

A plugin for YOURLS that allow multi users in the system

How it works:
Enabling this plugin it will be created two new tables in your data base. One to user registers and other to record what URL is from what user. The plugin allow public or private (owner and admin) access to statistics. The user when creates a new shortned link can change it and remove it. (not recommended becaause urls already published will become not valid.)

How to install:
- Copy plugin files to /user/plugins/multi-user/ folder.
- Access the administration area and activate the plugin.
- Comment (//) the second line of yourls-api.php file.
- To access user pages use (create a link in homepage is highly recommended)

If you want something different than default setup, achange your config file.
YOURLS_DB_TABLE_URL_TO_USER - Table name of URL to USER. (Record owner of each URL
YOURLS_DB_TABLE_USERS - Table name to user registers
YOURLS_MULTIUSER_PROTECTED - True or Falso, if true stats and other will be available just to owner (Default and recommended: true)

Multi-user 1.0 (beta)

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