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Torrent Client in linux server with web access


Why to create a server with a torrent client with web access? I live with other people that uses torrent too. I had a computer running a server with other services, so I decided to add this client (transmission-daemon) with web access, in this way we don't need to let computers on. Just this one. Everybody have web access to it and it is so simple to use.

But wich client to use? I searched a little bit and found that exists some famous ones as w3btorrent and torrentflux. but they need a web-server running like apache. And I don't want to setup it too, because I don't need it. So I choosed transmission the native torrent client in Ubuntu.

So, to install it in Ubuntu server you use:

$ sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon

Now you need to setup it, my configuration file was in /home/user/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

The options are a lot but it is easy to understand them.

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Send files using XML-RPC in Java

Hello Tooday Jorge send me an e-mail asking how to send files using XML-RPC. So I did some modifications in Client and Server, Java XML-RPC…

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Client and Server, Java XML-RPC

Good night,

A few days ago I created a XML-RPC server to test some functions. What is XML-RPC? XML-RPC is a remote procedure call (RPC) protocol which uses XML to encode its calls and HTTP as a transport mechanism.(wikipedia) To start using XML-RPC in Java I used apache xml-rpc.

Example client and server XML-RPC.

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