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Stack, using pointer, Data Structure.

This is a implementation of a Stack using pointers. The basic thing is the structure of tPilha is

[code lang="C"]
constant MAXPILHA = 100;
tipo tPilha {
inteiro dados[MAXPILHA];
inteiro *topo;
}; [/code]

Where *topo is a pointer to the first element in the stack. When you`re going to add a new one you verify if the stack is full, if it ins`t you put the data in a position in the stack and change the *topo. When removing, you decrement one in pointer *topo. Then it will reference the element that was there before.

(I had an enunciation but it was too big to translate)

stack with pointers implementation!


PS: You can see the enunciation in portuguese and then use google translate to translate it
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Stack, Data Structure.

Good Night, What is Stack? Stack is a data structure of abstract data used a lot in computers, and it is based on the principle…

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